[old about me page]

Welcome to my wordpress.
Welcome to my blog.

I created this wordpress account to
display my pieces of writing and
my attempts at other creative arts.

Although my main talent lies in
photography [which examples will
be placed on this site at random

I seem to have a natural curiosity
and also
the need to observe and convey
the world around me to others.

So from time to time I’ll
blog about my day, things I
have seen or done or maybe
I’ll just have a photoblog or
write a poem.

You might also realise, that
sometimes the blog titles
have absolutely nothing to
do with the content of the entry.

If you like what you see, please
leave comments or e-mail me,
for a chance of good conversation.

[so, enjoy]

[i couldn’t just delete the old [about me] page

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