[in issue with swine flu]

Last weekend my little brother came home
from staying at his friends house for a week
and they were both complaining of being ill
and having the same symptoms as each other.

So all they did was have a Lemsip* or two and a
few days later my little brother was fine, while
his friend was still feeling under the weather.
So his friend [who is called Dave and thats how
I’m gonna write it from now on] went to the doctor
and the doctor basically said that his body was in
the last stages of getting rid of the swine flu virus.

So that basically means that my little brother
had swine flu as well. And to verify this they
re-checked their symptoms to the official online
guide and yes it confirmed that they both had
the swine flu virus.

[swine flu is the issue at the moment with alot
of the international press and also television
and the internet as well. The latest scare as it

This made me laugh when he told me, because it is
so typical of me and my family. If we get ill 99% of
the time we’ll brave it out and wait till we get better.
Or in the EXTREME cases we’ll take a paracetamol.

My little brother had swine flu and his cure
was Lemsip*
. Haha, that is amazing to me.

Chances are I might get it because I shared the same
room as him during the worst of it. But my immune
system is awesome so I doubt I’ll get ill from it.

Oh and those of you who were wondering to
the best of my knowledge Dave is recovering

*for those of you who don’t know, Lemsip is a powder
which when added to hot water makes a lemon
flavoured drink. It also contains paracetamol as well.

One response to “[in issue with swine flu]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    ahh swine flu. swine oh nine. 😀
    i kind of thought i would get it, because i make fun of it constantly. i guess it is a real virus(:

    haha, yeah double comments just happen sometimes(:

    oh tumblr isn’t that hard to use. after awhile at least. 😀

    AND DEFINITELY NOT! law and order: svu is the best. elliot stabler is the best thing that has ever happened to television. 😀

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