Monthly Archives: August 2009

[ode to my spider plant]

My spider plant lives
Not been watered in some time
Much stronger than I

[it starts today]

Everything I’ve been putting off, starts today.

It’s gonna take a lot of work because the last
time I moved it was only an hour away so
anything I forgot I could just pop home to
get, but alas, this move is much farther away.

I have realised that recently all I have been
doing are short posts that really act as an update
on my intentions rather than my actions and
the simple reason for this is that my actions
pale in comparison to my intentions.

My actions recently revolve around me hanging
out with people more. And I was meant to pop into
Jessops to see my mate Andrew to copy some stuff
from his laptop but he forgot the laptop. Which
kind of acted as a good thing it means that I am
now indoors with the determination that was
witnessed in my last blog.

First to wash some clothes, and then maybe 80
push ups? Not sure yet.

And where is yourownpersonalmonster??

In response to Esther, I would go for a walk but
I have too much to do, haha, sound silly I know

[bored but with 150 things to do]

So yeah, I should start packing for Wales, I’ve got
to make lists Mum says. As I have the habit of
forgetting the little things.

So I have this looming sense of urgency but at the
same time I have this overwhelming sense of
boredom. I should be getting things done but really
can’t be bothered to remove myself from my bed.

I’m in bed writing this. As an example.

I’m actually just gonna finish this up with saying that
tomorrow this all changes. I’ll pack clothes and stuff,
sort tickets and start the push ups. It’s all on the up.


[new about me page]

So yeah, my about me page has remained pretty much
untouched for the year or so that I had this blog and
actually remains one of the most visited pages on
the site.

So I decided to re-do it, I based it on the ‘[heya] blog
to start with and worked from there. The first set
of ‘I….’ are links to other things I have on the internet
and the rest are just general things about me.

All starting with ‘I….’ and things will be added to
this in due time.

One of the other reasons I changed it other than the fact
it was a bit boring and slightly pretentious is because alot
has changed over the past yeah since I created this blog.

And alot is going to change yet again. Change,

[old about me page]

Welcome to my wordpress.
Welcome to my blog.

I created this wordpress account to
display my pieces of writing and
my attempts at other creative arts.

Although my main talent lies in
photography [which examples will
be placed on this site at random

I seem to have a natural curiosity
and also
the need to observe and convey
the world around me to others.

So from time to time I’ll
blog about my day, things I
have seen or done or maybe
I’ll just have a photoblog or
write a poem.

You might also realise, that
sometimes the blog titles
have absolutely nothing to
do with the content of the entry.

If you like what you see, please
leave comments or e-mail me,
for a chance of good conversation.

[so, enjoy]

[i couldn’t just delete the old [about me] page


I blog
I photoblog
I twitter
I tumble
I facebook
I flickr
I youtube
I myspace

Hi, I’m Rich
And I’ll be moving
Keep in touch

[this is a really out of nowhere thought]

Ok, so this is my blog and it is the place
on the net where I just say whatever is
on my mind. So here goes,

Imagine, if you will, being the person that
invented the ‘beep’. That sound that has
become commonplace now but back then
was completely new and had never been

Would you feel proud of what you had given
to the world? Or overwhelmed about how
important your new sound had become?

Because if you think about the beep has
saved many lifes if you think about it,
with heart monitors and tracing beacons
and the like. Just spend a minute thinking
about it properly. How would you feel?