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[ode to my spider plant]

My spider plant lives
Not been watered in some time
Much stronger than I

[it starts today]

Everything I’ve been putting off, starts today.

It’s gonna take a lot of work because the last
time I moved it was only an hour away so
anything I forgot I could just pop home to
get, but alas, this move is much farther away.

I have realised that recently all I have been
doing are short posts that really act as an update
on my intentions rather than my actions and
the simple reason for this is that my actions
pale in comparison to my intentions.

My actions recently revolve around me hanging
out with people more. And I was meant to pop into
Jessops to see my mate Andrew to copy some stuff
from his laptop but he forgot the laptop. Which
kind of acted as a good thing it means that I am
now indoors with the determination that was
witnessed in my last blog.

First to wash some clothes, and then maybe 80
push ups? Not sure yet.

And where is yourownpersonalmonster??

In response to Esther, I would go for a walk but
I have too much to do, haha, sound silly I know

[bored but with 150 things to do]

So yeah, I should start packing for Wales, I’ve got
to make lists Mum says. As I have the habit of
forgetting the little things.

So I have this looming sense of urgency but at the
same time I have this overwhelming sense of
boredom. I should be getting things done but really
can’t be bothered to remove myself from my bed.

I’m in bed writing this. As an example.

I’m actually just gonna finish this up with saying that
tomorrow this all changes. I’ll pack clothes and stuff,
sort tickets and start the push ups. It’s all on the up.


[new about me page]

So yeah, my about me page has remained pretty much
untouched for the year or so that I had this blog and
actually remains one of the most visited pages on
the site.

So I decided to re-do it, I based it on the ‘[heya] blog
to start with and worked from there. The first set
of ‘I….’ are links to other things I have on the internet
and the rest are just general things about me.

All starting with ‘I….’ and things will be added to
this in due time.

One of the other reasons I changed it other than the fact
it was a bit boring and slightly pretentious is because alot
has changed over the past yeah since I created this blog.

And alot is going to change yet again. Change,

[old about me page]

Welcome to my wordpress.
Welcome to my blog.

I created this wordpress account to
display my pieces of writing and
my attempts at other creative arts.

Although my main talent lies in
photography [which examples will
be placed on this site at random

I seem to have a natural curiosity
and also
the need to observe and convey
the world around me to others.

So from time to time I’ll
blog about my day, things I
have seen or done or maybe
I’ll just have a photoblog or
write a poem.

You might also realise, that
sometimes the blog titles
have absolutely nothing to
do with the content of the entry.

If you like what you see, please
leave comments or e-mail me,
for a chance of good conversation.

[so, enjoy]

[i couldn’t just delete the old [about me] page


I blog
I photoblog
I twitter
I tumble
I facebook
I flickr
I youtube
I myspace

Hi, I’m Rich
And I’ll be moving
Keep in touch

[this is a really out of nowhere thought]

Ok, so this is my blog and it is the place
on the net where I just say whatever is
on my mind. So here goes,

Imagine, if you will, being the person that
invented the ‘beep’. That sound that has
become commonplace now but back then
was completely new and had never been

Would you feel proud of what you had given
to the world? Or overwhelmed about how
important your new sound had become?

Because if you think about the beep has
saved many lifes if you think about it,
with heart monitors and tracing beacons
and the like. Just spend a minute thinking
about it properly. How would you feel?

[keeping my cards close to my chest]

So yeah, the post below is pretty epic, apologies
for that, but I can rant pretty well.

Recently the photography is going really well, like
for instance I photographed my friend Alicia on
Tuesday and gave her her photos today and then
a little while later met up with Azita for the first
time to take her photos. Today’s photoshoot altogether
was pretty fun and Azita and I got on pretty well.

So yeah that’s awesome. I’m actually going
through the photos now and sorting which one
to delete and which ones to keep as I take more
than one at a time to ensure that I get the shot
even if the person blinks or something like that.
I have also recently been retouching photographs
which is new for me and buying fashion magazines
to look at the poses and so forth. I really like doing
portraits. Need more models though. Oh and
examples of today’s shoot and also the shoot with
Alicia will end up on the photo blog eventually.

The title of the blog basically refers to the fact that the
events that’ll unfold during the next couple of days will
pretty much shape what happens out of the options listed
in the epic blog below. Oh and the cruise ship job is out
of the window. I won’t be able to make the interview date.

I’ve almost finished reading my book ‘The Cloudspotters
Guide’. It’s actually pretty good, but has taken me way
too long to read. But I would recommend it to anyone
even the vaguest bit interested in clouds and how they
are formed. In fact I think I got Holly to buy it if memory

Not much else than that really. I’ve started a tumblr
[link will be below] and it has made me realise that
it’s getting harder to keep all these internet profiles
up. Oh well.

Will update with more details on Monday. Alot more
details.  =]

[because you give me options]

Ok, so it has been a while since my last post that
firstly celebrated the one year anniversary of this
blog and mentioned the birth of my new photo
blog [].

Just so’s you know. This is a huge blog post compared
to my previous posts.

So for that reason It has been separated into two parts
the first part discusses my love for old books from the
countries and places I visit and what rules I have when
I am searching for an old book.

The second part discusses the options that have come
about as of late and what of these options I have available
to me [which is basically where the title of the post comes
from, it also comes partly from a Bloc Party lyric].

Because as first I wasn’t even going to mention the
book and so on. If you hadn’t guessed this little warning
was written after I had finished writing it all. I thought
it fair to warn.

So yeah, Part One:

Ireland was fun and I was able to get a book from
there too. For those who don’t know what it is I’m
on about. It is my way of a souvenir from any foreign
country [or principality] that I visit to get an old
book. But it can’t just be any old book. There are
rules, and these are;

More than sixty years old

Annotated by somebody
Inscribed to somebody

Include a bookmark of some sorts
In the language of the country

A book must definitely fall into the first two rules
and has to abide by at least one of the second set
of rules but doesn’t necessarily have to abide by
the last two. Although the last rule is preferable.

It may seem like a ridiculously specific set of rules
to go with. But hey, they work and I managed to
get one from all but three of the foriegn countries I
have been to, there were reasons;

Barbados: I was about Fifteen and had a book with
me and the fact I had no spending money of my
own meant that I had no reason or ability to buy
a book. Also it was way before I started doing it

Spain: Again, this was way before I was actually
collecting old books from other countries. So I
just had fun instead.

Italy: This was actually after I had starting
collecting and acquiring old books. But I was
only there on a Saturday and a Sunday. And
most of my exploring occurred on the Sunday,
where most of the shops were closed.

But in Ireland I did manage to get an old book
for my collection as I mentioned before. The
book is:

The Complete Concordance to Shakespeare
By Mrs Cowden Clarke

And as I also mentioned it follows certain rules:

Hardback [The book is Hardback although not in the best condition]
More than sixty years old [An inscription on the inside reads the date ’11th March 1864]

Annotated by somebody [A student has made notes in pencil throughout]
Inscribed to somebody [Yes, that’s how I know how old it is ‘at least’]

Include a bookmark of some sorts [The student included portraits of the authoress as part of his/her work]
In the language of the country [It’s in English which is the current language of Ireland]

So yeah I like old books, and now we move on to part two of
this post and the actually reason why it has the title that it
does.’Because you give me options’ has nothing to do with old
books and travelling.

Right as has been mentioned in this blog beforehand I am
currently unemployed wistfully wasting my days with
little adventures like getting drunk and reading. Obviously
not at the same time.Although that isn’t impossible. And
it has now come to point where I have about three or four
options in front of me [see, that’s where the title comes from]
and I’m at the point where all are possible. A sort of multi-
faceted fork in the road. I could:

Move to Bangor in Wales with my good friend Tabitha. And
have a job there pretty much waiting for me. Which will allow me
to pay rent and live comfortably. Although Wales is a nine hour
coach ride or five hour drive away from most of my friends.
Although this doesn’t bother me. I don’t think I’ll be getting many

Work as a cruise ship photographer. I recently received an
email inviting me to an open group interview. Now working
on a cruise ship would mean that I would be off land for 6-8
months at a time. Again this would be taking my away from
the known as it were. But as with moving to Wales it would
be something different.

Getting a job as a Canon representative. Which would
basically mean that I would be going from shop to shop and
demonstrating different Canon equipment to customers. A
job I feel I would find extremely easy. I have been given the
phone number by the current representative who is resigning.
All I have to do is call and I would get an interview at least.
Now this is where this option break of into two different parts
of it’s own. With this job, would bring money. Wherein, I could
either stay living at home with my mum and my little brother
or I could use the money and move into a housee with my friends
Steve and Mark in Bromley, which would aslo be pretty cool.

Do nothing, and see what else life throws this way. To be
honest this isn’t even being considered as an option. It’s a stupid
idea.To be totally honest the most appealing one of these options
is the moving to Bangor in Wales option. Hence why I mentioned
it first.

You see, I don’t post for a week and then bam, And I’ve
over 1000 wordsworth to say [oh and I just made the word
wordsworth up, I kinda like it].

[one year of squarebrackets, who’d have thought it?]

The first post was placed on this site on the 2nd of
August 2008. So I’m a little late but I only realised
today. So yeah, a whole year. I’m probably as
surprised as you. Because I usually abandon stuff
like this a long time ago.

For the next few days [Saturday, Sunday, and Monday]
I’m going to be in Dublin in Ireland. Should be fun. So
I’ve placed a wordpress style wrap-up but for the entire
year. Using stats and the like. Enjoy

Here are the stats for the 2nd August 2008 to the 7th August 2009 stats:

    • 2 blogs were created.
    • 161 posts were published.
    • 270 comments. Alot of this is due to yourownpersonalmonster [click the link].
    • 7,780 pageviews on
    • The most amount of views in a month occurred in May 2009 with 839 views. With July 2009 coming a close second with 834 views.
    • In 2008 this blog received 2,830 views and so far in 2009 it has received 4,950 views.
    • The average view per day in 2008 was 19.
    • The average view per day so far in 2009 is 23.

      • 15 Categories.
      • 4 Pages.
      • 25 Drafts [alot of these are rubbish and will never see the light of day].
      • The most popular search term to reach this blog is ‘Polaroid’ which is responsible for 1,019 views.
      • The most viewed page or post is the ‘[about me’ page which has received 324 views.
      • And the biggest referrer to this blog is the WordPress Dashboard.

    And there you go. A whole year of views and comments reduced
    to numbers. That isn’t to say I haven’t appreciated all your
    comments for I have recieced for I have. And I love the fact that
    people actually reead all the random things that I have to say.

    As you saw on that list of statistics I have created two blogs.
    The other blog is realatively quite new with only one post on
    it at the moment [although it has about ten drafts, all of
    which will be made into posts]. It was made for the express
    purpose of display my photography. the link is below:

    Lets hope that I keep that one up [and this one] for another year.
    Thanks, and keep reading!

    I still don’t believe that I’ve had this and kept it active for
    a year.

    [what he wants in a woman]

    So, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine
    recently and seeming it was a conversation between
    two men you can pretty much guarantee that it was
    about girls.

    But more specifically my friend was wondering what it
    was that he was looking for in a girl. As some offers had
    come up recently and he had turned them away.

    One of his other friends [not me] asked him what it
    was he was looking for in a girl and his answer was
    that he wanted.

    “Someone who I SHOULD be excited about seeing all
    the time. Not somebody I should have to pretend to
    be excited about seeing, you know?”

    And yeah I did. He was basically saying that he
    didn’t want to get with someone just because the
    opportunity arose. But wanted to actually feel
    something for someone. It got me thinking what I
    would say I was looking for in a girl or who my
    perfect girl was. And to be honest, I am ridiculously
    picky for a guy in my position. Oh well. That
    is how it goes.

    Now I’m not actually going to write what it is I’m
    looking for in a woman on here. That would be
    highly odd. But I just wanted to comment on the
    conversation because it did stick in my head.

    Because not all guys are that picky and will just
    settle for anything that comes along. Which is pretty
    sad to be honest. Do people fool themselves that they
    are in love just to make do?

    [in issue with swine flu]

    Last weekend my little brother came home
    from staying at his friends house for a week
    and they were both complaining of being ill
    and having the same symptoms as each other.

    So all they did was have a Lemsip* or two and a
    few days later my little brother was fine, while
    his friend was still feeling under the weather.
    So his friend [who is called Dave and thats how
    I’m gonna write it from now on] went to the doctor
    and the doctor basically said that his body was in
    the last stages of getting rid of the swine flu virus.

    So that basically means that my little brother
    had swine flu as well. And to verify this they
    re-checked their symptoms to the official online
    guide and yes it confirmed that they both had
    the swine flu virus.

    [swine flu is the issue at the moment with alot
    of the international press and also television
    and the internet as well. The latest scare as it

    This made me laugh when he told me, because it is
    so typical of me and my family. If we get ill 99% of
    the time we’ll brave it out and wait till we get better.
    Or in the EXTREME cases we’ll take a paracetamol.

    My little brother had swine flu and his cure
    was Lemsip*
    . Haha, that is amazing to me.

    Chances are I might get it because I shared the same
    room as him during the worst of it. But my immune
    system is awesome so I doubt I’ll get ill from it.

    Oh and those of you who were wondering to
    the best of my knowledge Dave is recovering

    *for those of you who don’t know, Lemsip is a powder
    which when added to hot water makes a lemon
    flavoured drink. It also contains paracetamol as well.

    [don’t get offended if i seem absent minded]

    For those of you who were wondering about the novel
    [as I have received questions from about four people]
    it stalled for a while. Which is totally my fault to be
    honest. It’s because it’s part of my nature for some reason
    to start things and not finish. I think photography was
    the only hobby that actually stuck throughout my life.
    Most others died pretty quickly.

    I will be changing that though, this isn’t just a blog
    saying how I failed and that’s it. No. This post is
    basically to inform that I am going to now try even
    harder. This novel WILL be completed there is no
    doubt about that. I’m even more determined these days,
    basically as I have nothing to do and have wasted days
    recently. That isn’t a just a saying. I have actually been
    wasting days. Oh well.

    I’m going to Dublin in Ireland soon. Which should be
    awesome. Been wanting to go there for a while and the
    fact that the flight only cost £2 you cannot argue
    with that.

    I’m probably going to place another post up in a little
    while, just for the fact that I’ve had an idea in my head
    for a day or two now.

    Ah well. Oh and I’ve also been thinking of doing a
    video blog soon, which should be interesting. As I
    have no idea what I ‘d be able to say in a video
    blog that I couldn’t just write down. Any ideas?

    Actually yeah. Any ideas??

    That’s a thought. If there is anything that you would
    want my to vlog on. Leave a comment :]

    [my life according to bloc party]

    I got bored so I decided to do this quiz that my friend Holly did on Facebook.

    Using only song names from ONE artist, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to some people you like and include me. You can’t use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Repost as “my life according to (band name).”

    Here we go…

    Pick your Artist:
    Bloc Party

    Are you a male or female:
    Selfish Son

    Describe yourself:
    Positive Tension

    How do you feel:
    Better Than Heaven

    Describe where you currently live:

    If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
    Ion Square

    Your favorite form of transportation:

    Your best friend is:

    You and your best friends are:
    Cavaliers And Roundheads

    What’s the weather like:
    Storm And Stress

    If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
    This Modern Love

    What is life to you:
    Waiting For The 7:18

    Your last/current relationship:
    We Were Lovers

    Your fear:
    Your Visits Are Getting Shorter

    What is the best advice you have to give:
    Say It Right

    Thought for the Day:
    Letter To My Son

    How I would like to die:
    Hunting For Witches

    My soul’s present condition:

    My motto:
    I Still Remember