[constans cacosomnia]

Now when I was informed that I would be
being made redundant. A few thoughts
crossed my mind. The obvious being that
it kinda sucks but another thought was that
my days would switch around again.

To put in basic terms, when I have no reason
to get up at a particular time, then the same
reasoning says that I don’t have to go to sleep
at a particular [or any] time. Which has now
resulted in my days becoming my nights
and my nights becoming my days. I go to
sleep at 6:00am and wake up at 3:00pm.

Now, it has it’s uses, as I find that I am
more productive at night. I’ve been reading
more and getting my bedroom wall covered
in photographs of friends and family. Past
and present. It’s nice.

But the trouble comes when I do need
to awake at a socially acceptable hour. Like
I have to on Wednesday. And I need to reverse
the affect on my internal body clock.

This is done by staying up all thorough one
night and only going to sleep at about 6:00pm
that day before you have to be anywhere. The
body [my body that is] generally sorts itself
out after that, and everything is OK. Except
that it is so much effort I might just risk
oversleeping to be honest.

The title of this blog, in case you were wondering
is Latin. And it roughly translates into ‘constant
sleeplessness. Quite fitting I felt.

4 responses to “[constans cacosomnia]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    i am exactly the same way.
    funny that you mentioned the wall thing.
    the other night i decided to go through all the old pictures i had and put them all on my wall. i’ll have to post the pictures i took. 😀

    and as for another visit before the end of summer, that’s out of the question. but i will be going back down for winter break for the first time. i’m very excited for that(:

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    actually, i’m over him and missing him and everything.
    which all ended finally, after two and a half months,
    when i found out he was talking shit about me.
    thankfully, it was too matt,
    who stuck up for me(:

    but honestly, even through all the bullshit and all the things i should hate him for,
    i’d take him back in a heartbeat if he asked.
    but i guess that’s just who i am.

  3. yourownpersonalmonster

    well, i’m finally over him and everything.
    after two and a half months. /:
    but it all ended when i was told he was talking shit about me.
    thankfully, it was to matt, who stuck up for me.

    and yeah, even though i have so many reasons to hate him, and through all the bullshit,
    i’d still take him back in a heartbeat if he asked. d:

  4. yourownpersonalmonster

    wow, i didn’t mean to rewrite that.
    i didn’t think it posted the first time.
    so disregard the second comment from today.

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