[1001 lessons in love and still none the wiser]

Life, is supposedly made up of lessons. Which
people generally called ‘Life lessons’. Now a
life lesson is supposed to arise from every
major experience in your life [some people
also believe even the tiny things are also
life lessons, but we’re going to stick to the
big stuff]. From every triumph and every
defeat, we, as people, are supposed to take
what we can from it and learn all that we

Like for instance, going down a dark alley and
getting in a bit trouble, tells you to not to go
down dark alleys anymore, or having your heart
messed around with should show you how to be
able to recognise and avoid certain types of people
and the situations that they can bring, and so on
and so on.

But the thing about learning from the
mistakes you make in your life, it somehow
insinuates that you will suddenly [at some
undefined moment in your life] start living
mistake free. But, I have yet to see this

The reason for this blog stems from a drunken
conversation I had with my friend Simpson,
during which we discussed many things but
one of the topics that I continued to think about
the next morning [totally hangover free] was
that we had discussed how tired we were with
all these life lessons and just wanted things to
hurry and start properly without all the
messing around of having to have your head
[and your heart] messed around with.

The both of us had had enough [in
temperament  and quantity] of all these
life lessons that came along and trying
to figure exactly what it was that they
were ‘supposedly’ trying to teach us and
whether it was a different lesson every
time. Or whether we were just making
the same mistakes.

Maybe we were hoping for too much? You know?

It’s that old saying isn’t it? ‘Everything
happens for a reason’ and that ‘Good things
happen to those who wait’. These sayings
although widely used and antique in their
own sense are wrong. They just leave you
there accepting all the crap that happens
to you and waiting for something amazing
to just waltz into your life.

But as we all know, that just doesn’t happen.
It’s pretty shitty to be honest. Because
from what I’ve seen with the people around
me, the things that they want to just appear
out of the sky, were right in front of them the
whole time.

8 responses to “[1001 lessons in love and still none the wiser]

  1. By the time I figured it out I was too old to do anything about it.


  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    indeed this is correct.
    waiting around for stuff to happen gets you nowhere.
    i for one should know that well. 😀

    glad to be back, on wordpress at least(:

  3. yourownpersonalmonster

    i would prefer florida even away from family. new york’s just boring, at least where i live is. 😀

    mhm, indeed it is summer and i should get things settled out, but i probably won’t. on behalf of my friends, not me. d:

  4. yourownpersonalmonster

    yeah, i will. and if things don’t work out, whatevs.

    new york city’s pretty fancy.
    so when you do get the chance to go, don’t go outside of the major cities.
    everything else is pretty lame. (:

  5. yourownpersonalmonster

    you should go to california too.
    i’ve heard it’s quite nice. it’s one of my places on my list of places to go(:

  6. yourownpersonalmonster

    hahaha, well since the song is based around new york city, i don’t sing it often. but i guess if i did live in the city, i would. but i imagine it would get old. 😀

  7. yourownpersonalmonster

    haha, indeed it is. 😀
    and that’s alright, random questions are always fun.

  8. As right as I know you are, I still do the waiting thing. So is life, eh?

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