[“it’s ok to show weakness you know”]

“it’s ok to show weakness you know”

Drunken words from a close friend
of mine that still ring around in my
head. She’s probably forgotten she said

3 responses to “[“it’s ok to show weakness you know”]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    drunk words are very intelligent sometimes.
    weakness can be a good thing to show.
    sometimes. i guess. i dunno.
    but i agree.

    anywho, you’re friends thinking you’re gay, that made me smile.
    congratulations on the not drinking thing. i know that’s hard to do(:

    mhm,not skipping full days, only periods of the day. but i’ll have a post about that soon. 😀

  2. I think this is a really great quote. It’s taken me a long time to learn this, even though I still don’t have it all down.
    Found your blog from a comment on Counting Stars…I will definitely be coming back.

  3. yourownpersonalmonster

    of course you may.
    stress mainly.
    from school, family, friends.
    it got too hard for me to bear, so i had to somehow knock it all down with something else.
    it was stupid, but it worked.
    so i can’t complain.

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