[denying them romance]

A few things….

So, recently I decided to give up on girls,
now when I say that I don’t mean that
I’m giving up on my female friends. But
I am giving up on girls in the romance

I mean no offence when I say this, but
all you ladies are crazy. When it concerns
the romantic side of things. Nothing
seems to be straightforward is that makes
sense, communicating with women seems
to be a series of traps and trick questions.
But when you’re [just] friends with them
everything is straightforward. Probably
the reason I always used to fall for my
female friends. Hmmm…

I have also given up on drinking, now
it can be said that my previous alcohol
consumption was a tad bit high, some
have even pondered that I may have been
running away from something but I
was always too drunk to over-analyse, ha.

So basically I have given up two of the
things that either took up my time or
pre-occupied my mind.And the odd thing
as a side product I’m eating better and
less as well.

This is a short blog I know but there is
not that much to update on. Buttt I
did just watch and episode of Scrubs on
Comedy Central and almost forgot that
this quote existed:

“Nothing In This World That’s Worth Having Comes Easy”

2 responses to “[denying them romance]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    hahaha, yes. us ladies can be quite the crazy bitches. 😀
    it’s good that you’ve given up drinking and eating better as well as the ladies.
    good luck with them all(:

    oh yes, my education.
    school’s pretty much over.
    we’re just reviewing. i’d rather stay home and study by myself anyway.
    yeah, i’ll trust again. and i do trust now.
    i have the few friends i can trust, but other than them, no one is able to be trusted yet.

  2. I can speak only for myself, but I’m a girl, and I’m very difficult. NO idea how my husband puts up with me.

    Bet you won’t be giving up on girls for long. Someone will come along and surprise you soon, no doubt…

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