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[the first part to the book I may never complete]

Below I have put the first part to a book
that I started writing when I was in the
departure lounge of Gatwick airport. I
actually got so bored waiting for the plane
that I started to write a book.

Whether or not I’ll finish it is a completely
different matter. All comments, that
are of a constructive nature, are appreciated.
Well, here goes;


You can only watch time slipping away for so long. Mike said to himself whilst staring at the industry standard clock on the wall of his office directly above the elevators. That was two years ago, he was still watching that exact same clock.

[Chapter One: Mike]

The Internet is a marvelous thing, on your laptop screen you have access to pretty much all human knowledge to date that there is. But, sitting there in his southeast London home. If it was what you call a home, with a dilapidated couch being the most comfortable thing in the living room and a water system that would allow you to use only one tap at a time in the house. But despite all it’s faults Mike liked it. But on laptop, that gateway to a world of information mike was using this wealth of knowledge for it’s most basic of uses. Cheap flights, cheap hotels and customer reviews on pretty much every accessible country in the world. Needless to say he was on a mission.

Monday to Friday, nine to five, every week pretty much for the last six or seven years Mike had worked your basic city office job. Sometimes going days without knowing what he was meant to be doing or why he was even there. You can only watch the clock for so long. Mikes main task was to retype things that had already been typed be someone else but carefully selecting parts that the other departments need not know. A job he knew from the get go was pointless

“Why not just retype you damn letters” Her would sometimes mutter to himself. But alas he carried on because he had nothing else going on at the moment. All he had going for him was the relentless feeling that he had to get away from all this. But alas, he carried on.

So the following night when he got home after another mind-numbing day at work he sat down at his laptop and logged onto FLYMECASHLESS.COM. A website whose main objective was to get the cheapest possible flights to over forty European countries whilst costing you as little as possible.

For this adventure Mike decided he needed a wingwoman. So he grabbed his phone and decided that he should dial the only one of his friends that would possibly be up for an impromptu trip to any given European destination. Karen, the only person he knew who shared his thoughts toward “Why not” as opposed to “Why should I”

“Heya” Mike said as the phone stopped ringing. Actually not sure whether the call had been accepted or misplaced.

“You all right Mike? You sound a tad confused hun”

“Not confused at all dearest, I’m all good Karen. Nah, just calling to ask what you were up too for the next four or so days?”

“Nothing springs to mind, why do you ask?” She replied, Mike could hear a slight suspicion in her voice, so decided that it was best to get her over to his to explain his idea fully and to her face.

“Come round mine, your going to love this idea”

“Will I need a day bag?”

“Just come over, see you in a bit”

“Ok then”

And with that Mike put down the phone, allowing a little smile to himself that he had a partner in his abrupt and newfound sense of foolishness, an attitude that for one of the first times in years gave him the drive to actually DO something. And he loved it.

Mike and Karen had been friends for years and had more than their fair share of drunken close calls. But that was all behind them now. A feeling which left them both with the ability to get blond face drunk and not fear what will happen between them. And with the imminent arrival of his new travel buddy Mike decided to order a pizza.

But literally thirty seconds after he got off the phone from ordering the pizza he was already hungry for there was knock on the door.

“I must have been on the phone longer than I’d thought” But as Mike opened his front door he realized that there was something wrong. For one, Karen had miraculously turned into his cousin Robert and second, he was crying.


Well thats it :]

© Copyright Richard Anthony Morris 2009

[one portrait blog]


So here we have on of my traditional one photo

It’s been a while since I put up any of my
photography onto the blog, so I thought
I would put up a photo that I was about to
pop  onto flickr.

This is a portrait of my friend Holly Defroand
and was taken on the South Bank, London.
It was taken on FP-100 film on my new camera
which is a Polaroid 600SE. My new favourite
camera and with results like this you can see
why :]

I haven’t really got anything to blog on but
I’ll see if I can’t think of something to write
about later.

[i want to go home, i want to go home]

The title of this blog is actually the line I was
repeating to my boss from about ten past six
to seven today [it didn’t help, because I left
at seven which is the time I was meant to be
working] and this is because at about ten to
five today I completely lost the will to work
anymore. So you can understand that by
about six I was really going insane.

As mentioned in a previous blog, I am being
made redundant and by that I basically mean
that by no fault of my own I won’t have a job
come the 19th of July this year [next month
basically] and at first I took this as a laugh [as
I tend to do] but it is actually getting more and
more apparent.

Now I know that the amount of people at
work who have ever read this blog are
small and the percentage of those few
that read it to begin with who still do is
pretty much zero. So I can be totally honest
if I feel I want to. And I do.

And the truth is that I will miss everyone
there a great deal. Because the truth about life
is, when I go the chances of constantly hanging
out with this [quite diverse and incredibly
interesting] group of people goes with it.
Because as we all know, once you leave a
school/college/workplace you don’t really stay
in touch with the friends you’ve made in these
places unless you live quite close. Which, I’m
afraid to say I do not. And coupled with the fact
I find it incredibly hard to stay in touch with
people will inevitably come out a negative result

I have been taking up things to distract me
from these thoughts as they swirl and swirl
around my head, like taking up piano again
or looking to start [actually] writing a
novel/short story. But it does all come back
to the fact that everything about this sucks.

It really does.


As you know this is the title of this particular
blog and it is now also my username in a
whole host of other internet based activities

For example;





Don’t know why I’ve posted this. Expect a better
post later on. But if you should want to get in
contact me. Type in squarebrackets and you
shouldn’t be too far. Boom.

[“it’s ok to show weakness you know”]

“it’s ok to show weakness you know”

Drunken words from a close friend
of mine that still ring around in my
head. She’s probably forgotten she said

[wasted days you’ve come to pass]

Today in my shop I had a visitor, a
friend of mine. This does happen usually
but this is a person who I don’t see that

So as we exchanged pleasantries and the
‘how have you beens’ the conversation
took a turn. To the best of my memory
it went like this

“So how are you?” She said

“I’m ok thanks, you?” I said

“I’m good, how’s work?” She replied

“Same old same old, you know”

Right there, that’s where for some reason
I automatically lied. Because the thing is
I’m being made redundant and sometime
in July I won’t have a job any more.

Feels odd to write it, oh well. These things
do happen. Especially in an economic
recession, they do seem to always happen
to me though. I’m keeping a good mood
about this. Yeah.

On a more positive note I’m still not
drinking alcohol. Which seems to have
led to a slight weight loss and my disinterest
in girls [in the romantic sense] is still going
on. Although it did make my friend think
I had become homosexual. Two friends in
one day. Go me.

[quite disturbing]

Upon tidying my room, I found a
quite disturbing poem that I wrote
years ago.

[f.y.i back then the majority of people
that I knew called my photo]

Photo did something stupid,
Photo did something bad,
Photo did something and relapsed
Into old habit he had

Photo did something stupid
But Photo doesn’t care
It makes photo laugh
Cause everyone was there

Photo did something stupid,
Hidden by the clothes he wears,
Photo now hides these
It looks like he’s been attacked by a bear

Photo’s arm now stings
Yet he’s bound to do it again
But Photo don’t care about nothing no more
Doesn’t even care about the pain

Reading this actually makes me happy that
I got past it and have become a more rounded
person. Boom.

[denying them romance]

A few things….

So, recently I decided to give up on girls,
now when I say that I don’t mean that
I’m giving up on my female friends. But
I am giving up on girls in the romance

I mean no offence when I say this, but
all you ladies are crazy. When it concerns
the romantic side of things. Nothing
seems to be straightforward is that makes
sense, communicating with women seems
to be a series of traps and trick questions.
But when you’re [just] friends with them
everything is straightforward. Probably
the reason I always used to fall for my
female friends. Hmmm…

I have also given up on drinking, now
it can be said that my previous alcohol
consumption was a tad bit high, some
have even pondered that I may have been
running away from something but I
was always too drunk to over-analyse, ha.

So basically I have given up two of the
things that either took up my time or
pre-occupied my mind.And the odd thing
as a side product I’m eating better and
less as well.

This is a short blog I know but there is
not that much to update on. Buttt I
did just watch and episode of Scrubs on
Comedy Central and almost forgot that
this quote existed:

“Nothing In This World That’s Worth Having Comes Easy”