[no boat nor bridge, or crucifix can hold me back]

Today, at work, my friend Andrew
and I were standing about on the
shop floor. It was a quiet time, where
there were no customers and little
to do.

So obviously we fill the time with light
hearted conversation. During which he
turned to me and said

“It must be fun to be you”

“How so” I replied

“To not have a care in the world”

To which I replied with a quick remark
of something or other and carried on
with the day, but like most things that
people say to me recently it does not
sink in straight away. It waits in the
back of my brain for a few hours and
then hits me full force in the face whilst
my mind maybe contemplating other
menial things.

If we were to look at another example of
how my mind is slow but powerful. I was
walking around Bluewater Shopping Center
last Tuesday where I happened to happen
upon a friend of mine. I asked if I could join
and she said yes. Now as we were walking
around and I was doing my usual habit of
trying to fit as much information about as
much as possible in the little time that I had.

About fifteen minutes into this, whilst she
was sitting enjoying a cigarette she looked up
and said;

“Richard? Does it scare you that we’re adults?”

“Not at all Steve, it’s an adventure” is all that
I could come out with. But whilst I was on the
bus ride home. It started to sink in. I’m an adult
now, does this mean that the fun is over? That
the time spent absent mindedly was wasted?

Not at all, although since that conversation
it has scared me slightly to realise that I’ll
soon be 22 [22? fuck]. I’ve got a plan, as loose
as it is, I have a plan. Come the middle of August
and that when I’ll start the travels. Europe will
become my bitch. Till then I have to stop the
travels otherwise I’ll be stranded.

It’s annoying that Steve can still get into my
head, haha

5 responses to “[no boat nor bridge, or crucifix can hold me back]

  1. *Gulps*

    I know what you mean about the adult thing, we’re GROWN UPS now. (Though do grown ups really call themselves that?)

    *sighs* Grown ups…

    Also, WHOA. You know what I mean.

    The fun isn’t over, it’s only just begun! We will have a great time šŸ™‚

    Love ya photobear x x x

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    twenty two isn’t old.
    they are people who are eighty and are still gallivanting around like they’re little kids.
    don’t worry, i doubt your fun will end for a very long time.

    a wedding?! that sounds like fun.
    though not traveling must be somewhat upsetting for you.

    yeah,i know she cares. she has to care.
    but sometimes she cares just a tad too much.

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  4. storyofagirlnamedalex

    You’ll never be an adult to me =) lol

    Moments of happiness…

    Night x

  5. Hi, thanks for the comment on my blog, I love this piece of writing, your mind seems to work the same as mine does at times. The glib remark frequently pales next to the onslaught of sociological/psychological gibber gabber that comes with hindsight.

    Nice writing, keep in touch šŸ™‚

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