[your standard love poem]

As the sun pierces my eyes
Devoiding me of sleep
As I awaken, I see
The only thing I’ll ever need

As you lay there
So restful and so serene
I lay back and wonder
How lucky I have been

One response to “[your standard love poem]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    this made me happy(:
    i really do love your poems. but i say that enough, so i’m sure you’re aware of that(:

    over the top, how?
    you haven’t done it in a while, good. it’s such a nasty habit.

    it’s not something most people like to talk about.
    oddly enough, he didn’t get what i meant. but i think after today he may have. that’s a whole different story though.
    mhm, odd moments indeed.

    and here i was thinking i was the only person who thinks about it often. whenever something upsets me to a certain degree, i still kind of wish i could turn back to it. but like you said,
    i’m better without it.

    kind words are most definitely one of your strong points(:

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