[lets find love and do something
crazy together, and when we’ve
seen the world and all it has to
offer, we’ll stop, and that’s where
we’ll stay forever]

[that’s where we’ll stay forever]

2 responses to “[justlikestars]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    that was beautiful!
    i definitely think you should smush all your poems into a book and sell it.
    i would buy it(:

    eh, i’m not leaving.
    i don’t think i could.
    even if i wanted to.
    which i don’t. (:

    right right.
    you weren’t here for the dan thing.
    he got sick of me. completely fed up with my annoying him.
    so he just you know, gave up on me.
    and told me to give up on our friendship.
    and it was terrible.
    as for henry, he’s my friend.
    who i just recently met.
    he’s a good guy.
    i’m trying so hard not to mess things up like i did with dan. which makes me think i’ll probably end up messing this one up even more.

    ehh, i think after about, five days of blogging,
    everything looks the same. πŸ˜€

    my mom was just bitchin’ at me like always.
    nothing new there.

    it’s nice to have you back(:

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