Monthly Archives: March 2009

[short haiku]

Walking through the fields
My fingers gently brush past
I felt you with me

[this is what i strive for these days]


[they come, they go]

[moments of happiness] [not finished]

I’ve drifted off in your arms
Many a time
The safety and warmth
Knowing that these arms are mine

Your head inside books
To help with your art
My restfull head laying
Inches from your heart

[not sure how to finish this so
I’m just gonna leave it]

[flights of fancy]

So, I’ve been away, since Monday I’ve
been in Wales visiting my friend
Tabitha. Wales [and more specifically
Bangor] was great. I actually fell in
love with Bangor pier.

Me and Tabs went to Conwy, it’s a
small town with a castle wall surrounding
it. It’s a lovely town and the ride there
and back was quite nice. I actually
spent the majority of the bus ride
letting my mind wander and flutter
around. It’s actually quite fun.

I like when my mind flutters and it
kind of worries me that I’ve only just
regained the talent, I had a few poems
in mind whilst we were on the bus and
visiting the pier, they were bouncing
around my mind yearning to be written
down but then a solitary house atop a
mountain would come along and I’d
forget it. Oh well.

Wales was ace.


[it’s hope, the endurance of faith]

[Everything I said was true,
Except about how I felt for you,
Because that gets stronger everyday.]

[Love for me can be a lie,
But I know that ours will never die,
And that’s all I have to say.]

[So from here on in I’ll tell the truth,
That being the least I owe to you,
My love, the one who stays,
But always knowing you’ll leave someday]


[lets find love and do something
crazy together, and when we’ve
seen the world and all it has to
offer, we’ll stop, and that’s where
we’ll stay forever]

[that’s where we’ll stay forever]

[I’d go the whole wide world to find out where they hide her]

I now have a plan. In so far to say I
have an idea and I’m going to stick
to it.

I am going to save money and
then using said saved money
travel around Europe for a month
and then after that probably
venture over to America

Because, recently, more than ever,
[and although I love this place] I
am getting so bored of it and I’ve
realised quite a few people that I
know pretty much have their whole
lives planned out. [pretty much]

They’ll get married, get that house,
have the children an grow old, I
really cannot fathom that. Even if
I do meet ‘the one’ any time soon.

And if I did meet ‘the one’, that person
for which I’m meant to spend the rest
of my life with then they too should
want to spend the time we have seeing
as much as there is to see in the world.

But I digress, back to the point. This
summer I am going to see Europe and
I’m going to be seeing it alone anyways.
I don’t know why, but I think I’ve gotta
do it alone you know?