[time for the quarterly update]

Here we go, below is a list of things that I
will [emphasis on the will], achieve by
the 31st March 2009, this is much like a
new years resolution, but, transformed
into a set of goals and placed in a much
shorter timeline.

The reason for this and probably the reason
behind most new years resolutions failing is
that a year is too much time and between
the first and last day of the year things will

And that promise you made to yourself
will fall into the deep dark part of your
brain only to be remembered when
December rolls around and someone asks
what your resolution was.

Shorten the time, up the deadline. Make
December, March. You become more dedicated
and there’s less chance of it all going to hell.

The List:

1] To have achieved at least one photographic
exhibition, as one person or in a group.

2] Write and then start recording on a short

3] To have read at least 5 novels.

4] To have completed at least two of my
photographic projects.

5] Copy all outstanding photographic ideas
into the project book.

6] Write down all the lyrics and chords for
[Little Green Book] all in one notepad.

7] To see at least one more foreign country
that I have not seen before.

And there we are. My list of goals. I have every
intention of completing every one of these goals.
And seeming that each one of these goals is an ‘at
least’ I also intend of taking each one further.

On anther note, my absence from my blog, hasn’t been
my absent mind wishing for far away lands, but for the
sheer fact that to blog, I need a trigger, a feeling if you
like and I just haven’t had one recently but the I started
thinking about this years [well, three months] list and
boom there we go.

If anyone wants to help with these goals feel free,
but realise that I can be arse when I have a particular
vision in my head. As bad as that [rather long]
sentence sounded, it’s also the truth.

3 responses to “[time for the quarterly update]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    march 31st?
    that’s like four days after my birthday(:
    oh, and i have one more goal for you.
    blog more.

    i personally am starting to feel like your break from your blogs is a break from me.
    and not seeing you on makes me not even wanna blog.
    that’s why when you’re gone for a long time,
    i only get on once in awhile.

    yes. i am very good.
    and i do enjoy school. the socializing at least.
    i can’t stand the time. but, i guess you’re right.

    and if you wanna read a good novel to start with your five if you haven’t already,
    the book candy was outstanding.
    this may be just cause i’m into books about drugs and whores,
    but it is a good book.
    you should give it a try.

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    i know that you haven’t blogged in a while because i get on and check. i don’t sign off, so, i just hop on and check to see if you’ve been on.

    ohh, alright.
    well, if you do see it, you should read it if you get the time(:

    ahh yeah.
    me and men,
    i’m going no where with that.
    just a lot of friendships that i wish would be more.
    but i can’t complain about being single,
    it has it’s perks.

    i think you may have left out a word when you said you were telling me you were over gorgeous girl.
    i’m assuming since you said night, i took it you had a dream? maybe.
    but, congrats on getting over her(:
    that’s nice to hear.
    and yeahh,
    tell me tell me tell me.
    i’m eager to know(:

  3. Hello
    Just to let you know i miss you!!!
    thinking of you for some reason…

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