In this new and digital age we are able to
[more easier than ever] decide who can
talk to us and when they can talk to us.

Mainly with Facebook and MSN as my
examples. I mean why is it so hard to
just tell people flat out that we don’t
want to talk to them?

Instead, we block them, or put them
on limited profiles, hoping, that they
don’t find out. Hoping that they don’t
go round a friends house and see the
version of MSN/facebook that we don’t
want them to see.

This has happened to a few friends of
mine and I myself have been on the
receiving end. I would be talking to
a friend and I would say:

“How often is she online these days?”

“Like all the time, why?”

“Haha, well she doesn’t show up
on mine?”


“Fuck it, lets get drunk”

[A little sidenote, alcohol solves all of
lifes problems, well mine anyways, I
don’t know how it works for the rest of

This little point recently hit home when I
logged onto MSN a few weeks ago and
there were 7 people online at the time.
Six were blocked and the other I really
wasn’t in the mood to talk to, but hey.

The point that I am trying to make
is although, being able to decide who
can talk to us at given time is no
doubt a great advantage in the short-term
scheme of things.

It does promote cowardice and the
inability to talk straight to people. This
isn’t a declaration about how I’m going
to unblock certain people. Cause in
all honesty I can’t be arsed. =]

3 responses to “[blocked]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    fuck it, let’s get drunk.
    that made me giggle. šŸ˜€

    i hate being blocked. but, i don’t think anyone likes it. but yeah, i agree. why do people need to block others? why not just tell them to screw off?

    ahh yes.
    i do infact plan on telling someone about my blog.
    i’ve told allie about it, and i’ve told her i’ll glady tell her what it is, but she won’t do it. d:

    well, it’d good your getting over her.
    but yeah, you don’t wanna be falling for the wrong person for the single fact of having someone to think about.
    [i do this a lot.]
    glad to hear you’re good. (:

    the s under the monster,
    was “her” you know, my “other half”
    she felt it needed to let you all know, that there’s two of us. (:
    yeah, she needs to be under the names page doesn’t she?
    cause she’s here to stay(:

  2. I’m not blocked….. am I? I’m worried now, lol. I do know what you mean though, I’ve got so many people blocked it’s stupid. Not so much with the facebook stuff, if I don’t like them I’ll tend to ignore their friend request.

    Getting drunk is always the answer. Or getting high. Drunk or high, solves most problems. And toast. Of course.

    Love ya photobear xxx

  3. it amazes me how easily the digital world has erased all forms of personal communication. it’s so easy to avoid anyone and everyone. it does make you somewhat of a coward – it’s such a way to completely avoid confrontation or deal with issues.

    oh well, that’s what life has become. a defriending on facebook is pretty much a slap in the face.

    i love your blog by the way…thanks for visiting mine šŸ™‚

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