[quote | squarebrackets]

[the most annoying thing
about being a hopeless
romantic, is the hopeless

squarebrackets 2008
[whilst commenting yourownpersonalmonster‘s blog]

6 responses to “[quote | squarebrackets]

  1. haha, i likey

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    we’re like, across the world from eachother.
    but yeah, the time difference gets hard some times.
    but it’s alright. (:

    i was reading the comment and came to that part and said to myself, ‘that was beautifully put.’
    and then i come here and voila(:

  3. yourownpersonalmonster

    i love being linked too!
    when i blog again tonight i’m gonna link to you,
    cause i’m gonna have to write a whole paragragh on how you’re back.

  4. yourownpersonalmonster

    the dark knight is freaking unbelievablly wonderful!
    i saw it back in july with my cousin when it came out.
    did it just come over there or something?
    i love heath ledger.
    he was such a good actor.

  5. yourownpersonalmonster

    i seeee.
    after i posted that comment i remembered that i said i really wanted to see it on christmas.
    i meant again.
    i wanted to see it in the movies again, but it didn’t happen.
    so, i’ve only seen it once.
    but i love it to shreds. (:

    so anywho,
    how’ve you been?

  6. yourownpersonalmonster

    yourr welcome(:

    i’m glad to hear that you’ve been getting better.
    that’s always good to hear.
    yeah, letting go of feelings for someone can be quite tough. [was that oddly put or is it just me?]
    i should know. πŸ˜€

    that sucks that you can’t blog about it.
    maybe you can.
    i mean, if your done waiting, she doesn’t need to know that she’s gorgeous girl.
    i don’t know.
    no one i know personally reads my blog.
    heck, they don’t even know what it is, but they know i have it.
    so, maybe i just don’t know what it’s like to blog about someone and know that they’re reading it.
    maybe that makes my help with this pointless.
    like i said before, i don’t know(:

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