[love is a losing game]

I’ve been thinking this for some time,
mainly due to a song by Amy Winehouse,
but mainly because it is how I feel at
the mo.

If i was to describe myself, I would
say that I was a hopeless romantic.
I have the habit of holding one girl
above all others.

I do actually believe in love and
that when you find that person
there will be an amazing story behind
it. Like how you met or how it was
an uphill struggle but you both knew
it was meant to be.

But, my problem, and this is a
consistent problem that I have had
from about the age of four is that
I tend to pick girls that I have
little or no chance with.

Which has meant, that because
of this particular single mindedness
I have missed opportunities with
some lovely people. Things that
could have become something

But instead I used silly
excuses and fake numbers to
get them out of my way. This
all dawned on me recently, is
a stupid thing to have been doing.

So I have decided [and I’m going
to try and keep it like this] to stop
waiting for something that 9.5/10
times doesn’t pan out in my favour.

The fake numbers and excuses stop
now. I shall encounter all that come
my way.

Because when it comes to me and
my emotions I’m guessing that a
lot of the time I’m just kidding
myself anyways, so what’s the
point of waiting for something or
someone that most likely doesn’t
feel the same.

So, I’m stopping the romantic me for
a while.

Oh well.

4 responses to “[love is a losing game]

  1. I’m exactly the same as you. I always take a persons number though and just don’t get in touch. A big part of me always wants to but I never do. I think I’m scared of those first few dates. I get panic stricken about what we will talk about! Maybe you’re a little bit scared about it all so you let those nice possibly could turn into something people slip away because that’s easier?? Sounds all deep n stuff lol 🙂

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    you don’t know how happy i was to see that the 82 comments said 83.
    i seriously burst into a fit or joy.

    honestly, i think we’re all hopeless romantics.
    everyone has that person that they hold above everyone else.
    and if that changes every week, or every few months, everyone does it.
    but fake phone numbers?!?!
    that’s priceless.
    but yes, you should stop doing that.

    yes yes.
    i haven’t ranted in awhile.
    glad you made it back in time to see it(:

    ah no time.
    well, things are hectic.
    but, i’m glad you made time to blog today!
    no, i guess there wasn’t a reason to worry.
    but, i still will.

  3. yourownpersonalmonster

    i think you misunderstood.
    that blog was actually written last night, well this morning, at like midnight.
    it’s only 9pm here now. (:

    well, i think i’m gonna have to agree with your friend.
    it’s so unlike me though cause i don’t think people should give up when things don’t happen instantly.
    but it seems you’ve been waiting for this gorgeous girl for awhile.
    so, yeah. maybe you should give others a try.
    i’m sure others will make you as happy she gorgeous girl does.

  4. The only “hopeless romantic” male I’ve encountered turned out to be two-faced jerk out to score, so I’m a bit skeptic on this…But if you say so, good luck!

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