[losing my phone numbers]

Now, I would first like to state that
I did not lose my phone, it broke. And
so it was arranged by my phone
company to give me a new one.

[which was nice f them]

Now with every phone I’ve had I
was in the habit of saving the
phone numbers to the sim card,
should anything happen.

So when I gave the old phone back
popped my sim card into my new
phone imagine my surprise where
only three phone numbers popped
up. Numbers I was sure I had deleted.

So, after a few seconds of deliberation
I [once again] deleted those numbers

And from there had to go on a quest
to find more numbers. It allowed me
to realise that there are alot of people
I never seem to contact. And since
then I’ve basically been editing whose
numbers I look out for.

For example there was no need to
get the number of the barmaid in Spain.
Because I would never call her. That sort
of thing.

Although it has led to awkward moments
where someone will message me and I
won’t be able to figure out who it is. And
then having to ask who that person is,
little tip, some people take it ok, but quite
a few don’t.

[little note]
I had to start a group on Facebook to
ask for numbers. Twenty-five people
have joined so far. And only about
six or seven gave me their numbers.

Doesn’t really make sense does it?
Oh well.

One response to “[losing my phone numbers]

  1. Makes no sense that only 6 out of 25 people have given you their numbers, very random, love ya photobear xxx

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