[as i look out of my bedroom window]

Right now the weather seems pleasent,
albeit from my bedroom window, it’s
not extremely sunny but then again it’s
nowhere near gloomy

It’s more a really thin cloud from which
the bright blue sky can easily be seen
behind it.

To be honest I have never been a fan of
what usually coined to be ‘good’ weather.
The whole, hot with the sun beating down
never appealed to me, even as a kid.

No, what I have ALWAYS enjoys [I asked
my mum and she says I’ve been this way
since I was a kid] is when it’s sunny but
cold and windy at the same time. Those
days are great, they usually appear in
Winter, so when those days do arrive they
are quite short lived.

Also, adding to this, I have alway prefered
Winter to Summer, the idea of wrapping
myself up in a cover or duvet whilst
drinking hot chocolate seemed much more
appealing than trying to get myself cool.

But, today, I am actaully stuck inside, left to
observe the day as it slowly turns to night.
Not because i am a scared recluse or
anything like that. It’s just that I have no
money and nowhere to go. Till tomorrow
where I have to do some portraits for a
friend of mine.

Actually watching the weather today
will help my prepare for tomorrow.

One response to “[as i look out of my bedroom window]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    i highly dislike winter.
    it’s so cold.
    i dig spring though. (:
    summer’s to hot,
    though i love seeing my family.
    winter’s to cold,
    but i love days off from school.
    fall’s to cold and windy,
    but there’s halloween. 😀
    so spring is perfect it seems.

    how’ve ya been?

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