[you see, i have this song]

Although my love for music is
well known and documented
[somewhere or other], there are
only a few songs that take me.

That was a strange way to describe
it, I’ll try again, there only seem to
be a few songs that [whilst I’m
listening to them] I can close my
eyes and forget whatever is
happening no matter how drastic
it seems at the time.

Some songs make me thing of better
days, some of brighter tomorrows.
The majority though, seem to be linked
to a particular time or person [or feeling
for/to that person].

But I do have one or two songs
that when I listen to them take
me nowhere at all.

I become completely at ease and there
is only the music.

I urge you to listen to this song, with
earphones and and with your eyes closed.

[when I listen to this song all is
considered and at the same time I
don’t think about anything]

[kinda doesn’t make any sense]
[oh well]

One response to “[you see, i have this song]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    music is wonderful isn’t it?

    mhm. yes. i have random dreams when i take naps or [which i do a lot] wake up and fall back asleep.
    nothing to complain about though. (:

    i wish i could make friends with random people.
    friends meaning, we could stay friends.
    cause i can talk to random people pretty easily,
    i just wish i could stay close with those people.
    you know?

    yeah. i’m at a blank too.
    not really,
    i just don’t want to write.
    i’m sick of being detailed.
    alright, that’s a lie too.
    i love details. in fact, i need details.

    i’m sure you’ll think of something.
    you usually do.

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