So, I was at work on Sunday and as
I was walking past the kitchen at
work and I saw Izzy with a pen and

“What are you writing babe?” I asked,
Izzy then turned around and said that
she had no idea what to write. So I

“Write me a love note, oh, and make
sure it’s in pencil”

So here it is, a lovely fake love note


I thought it was quite pleasant, lol

Also thought it would make a nice
celebratory post as this is post
number 100. I never thought it
last this long.

One response to “[fake.love.note]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    yay for 100 posts!
    i reached my 100 post a few days ago.
    who knew i’d make it.
    congrats to us. (:

    and aww. that’s cute.
    even if it isn’t true. (:

    making friends with people on a bus?
    that’s a good form of entertainment. (:

    yes my friend was wasted in school.

    i do have to stop worring that you’ve disappeared.
    i worry a lot, about everything.
    so don’t think it’s because i have no faith in your blogging. because i do. (:

    as for brandnew, they’re amazing.


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