[264] [taking me home]

As the newspaper slowly crawls over my
Forcing me to look up and examine
where it was I had been
It’s quarter past two in the city
and the streets are almost bare
It’s this time I love, this place I love.
More than anywhere.

This city would be home,
if I would let it be.
But something always calls me back,
My home, constantly calling me.

So, I stay for the night sometimes,
and take it all in.
The city where I want to go,
to all the places I’ve already been.

One response to “[264] [taking me home]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    what a cool name for a place(:
    9 hours on a bus though?
    how’d you manage that?

    glad to hear you’re good
    as well as to hear you’re back.
    i was getting worried again.

    and you’re welcome.

    oh andd,
    brand new is amazing.
    do you listen to them?
    if you don’t, you defiantly should. (:

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