would like to say sorry for disappearing
just really couldn’t think of anything to
write. and also i was busy as you can
see by the blog before this one.

[it was awesome dude]

[oh and in response to your comment
cause it was a big one, lol]

good to hear that you’re kool
and just so’s you know all moods
pass over time [and i should know
i been in some terrible ones

and the 45 min hug was actually
extremely comfortable, lol, and this
is gonna sound random but I have
noticed more and more people using
square brackets, lol


2 responses to “[yourownpersonalmonster]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    alright. first of all,
    you do not know how ecstatic i was when i saw you had a whole post dedicated to me.
    that made my day even better then it already is. (:

    glad to hear you could go and travel like you wanted to. the picture came out great by the way. it made me smile. (:

    and i finally think my crappy mood is over!
    cause today was wonderful. [after sudmitting this i’m gonna go write about it.] (:

    i would bet a 45 minute hug would be comfortable!
    hugs are amazing! ❤

    what do you mean by using sqaure brackets? like replacing parenthesis with them? cause let me tell you, i never really liked parenthesis. they bug me highly.
    maybe everyone is finally catching on to how uncool and round they are. 😀
    ^i’m going crazy^

    hm. well i think i should end this comment before it gets to long. (:

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    well people have a tendecy to go with the flow.
    i’m sure it’s something to do with fitting in.
    maybe not.
    i’m no doctor. 😀

    my day was great.
    i’m glad to hear it too.


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