[am i going downtown for halloween]

[fuck no, I’m going uptown with my
best friend Tommi]

[this is what I wore last year and I’m
thinking of doing it again this year,
but better]

[i’m also going to photoin an awesome
band, oh and if you were wondering
who i am amongst this lot, i’m the guy
in the bloodied up lab coat]

[more eye make up and blood this year
me thinks]

[actually to be honest, i’m going to
uptowns downtown, but hey, it’s
better than downtowns uptown]

[oh oh oh, and i forgot the awesome
bit, i may actually get to wear it at
work 2morrow as well] [this is awesome
to me]

One response to “[am i going downtown for halloween]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    i know. it was mean.
    but you don’t understand how awkward this is for me.
    i can’t help but be mean.
    i apoligized to him last night and he said i have no reason to be sorry cause i’m not mean to him.
    no i haven’t told him i just want to be friends.
    but i’ve been mentioning gary a lot when we’re all talking. hoping he gets the point. so if he does like me he’ll stop and if he doesn’t it’s not awkward. you know?

    and no. gary isn’t the one i haven’t seen in way to long. that’s tyler. gary’s the older guy who allie liked. gorgeous. nice.
    him and allie got into a fight.
    yeah that one. ❤

    and tomorrow is halloween.
    i’m fucking pyschedd.
    and i can tell you are too.
    so if i don’t get around to it tomorrow [chances are i will though.]

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