[mini trips and notepads]

It took a trip to London to get
my photography. Now by that,
I don’t mean someone took it
and then I finally caught up
to them in London.

I could have found it because I
hadn’t been up to London in a
while, maybe, or it was most
likely to do with my love of
The City at nighttime.

Anyways it now occurs to me that:

I have an OK paying job
I have my lovely Pentax K1000
And… [above all else]
An urge to see places I’ve yet to see

So with a combination of cheap
tickets and crappy airlines I think
I’m going to do a bit more exploring.

First I think I’ll stick to France
and inside the UK as these can
be done with day trips but then
I’m gonna broaden my horizons

Fuck it, what else is a passport


2 responses to “[mini trips and notepads]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    maybe holding out isn’t the best idea.
    last year i spent the whole year turning other guys away for this guy i really liked. actually i was conviced i loved him.
    he never came around to love me the same way,
    [because we’re friend. not just strangers.]
    but i finally did move on and felt a lot better.

    you always gotta remember the ones who do like you. cause then when you realize you like em back, they’re gone. |:

    you use to live in london?!?!?!
    that’s amazing.
    i wanna go to london so much.
    and france.
    and germany.
    and australia. 😀
    ah i plan on doing some traveling when i’m older.

  2. All you can do in life is make the best decisions with the information at hand. If it turns out you’re wrong, it goes into the information-file for next time.

    And….you should visit New York.

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