[white polaroid]

[a completely white polaroid. this
was created by mistake, but hey,
it looks kool and i made it]

[this is also on my flickr] [go check
it out]


3 responses to “[white polaroid]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    well i would hope you don’t put the pancakes in the pepsi. πŸ˜€

    that’s why i have to wait at least a week to hang out with him
    [okay. i also gotta go trick or treating and get my free candy on halloween. i’m a child at heart]
    so i think i have time to show him we aren’t anything more then friends.

    as for the polariod.
    it isn’t completey white.
    there’s yellow blotch on it. πŸ˜€
    but it’s actually very intersting.
    makes me wonder what you actually trying to take a picture of.

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    bahahaha. yesh gorgeous guy is once again in the picture. i’m actually quite happy about that too. (:

    and, if you thinks it’s gonna be awkward,
    then just think about what a favor your doing yourself and her.
    it won’t be all that bad. just let her down easy.
    good luck with it though.

  3. yourownpersonalmonster

    aw, that’s okay.
    you advoid her until your ready.
    there isn’t anything wrong with that.
    honestly there isn’t.

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