[a good moment]

I came home just now to
a good moment. In the
kitchen there was a big
bottle of Pepsi Max and
four pancakes my mum
had cooked this morning


[oh and thanks for the
confidence in my writing skill
monster, lol]

One response to “[a good moment]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    ah pancakes and pepsi(:
    i could go for some pancakes and pepsi.

    and you’re welcome!
    i’m so ecstastic that you thanked me
    [it’s the little things that get to me]

    i didn’t go for,
    well i don’t even know.
    i’m very shy. and i’m very awkward with people i’m not fully comfortable yet.
    and honestly, i couldn’t stop thinking about gary.
    which made me feel like if i went, jason might think it was a date [which it wasn’t]
    oh it’s all very confusing.
    i’m a mess.

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