[what am i missing out on, honestly]

The title of this blog has so much
potential and I may end up using
the same title for a different blog
completely [and just stick a two on
the end]. So.

With the volume of which I constantly
have my music, not only am I steadily
making myself deaf. But, I am also
missing out on many of life’s precious
auditory sensations.

Except for, if you count the sound that
sparked this blog [which was the high
pitched squeal of a bus door closing]
or maybe it was the screams of a
mother as her pram [with child as well]
went hurtling towards the ground because
she had decided to put too many
shopping bags on the back of said pram.

[just want to say, the weight of the
bags greatly exceeded that of the
child and also prams are not designed
for this. and if you get annoyed that
your child keeps going back, stop
trying to break the basic laws of physics]

I’m probably not missing out on

[lol, this blog had wayyy more
potential, in title and content. I
shall revisit at a later date]

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