[questioning views on my maturity]

Because of my ability to find something
funny out of pretty much nothing.

[this ability has actually got me through
some tough times in life] [almost a year,

I can often be seen as immature. As seen
in this blog entry below from my ex-gf’s
blog on her myspace;


The thing is I am mature. And I know,
the fact I have made a blog to say that
I am mature is quite an immature act
in itself. But, reading that blog has
actually got to me a little bit and has
been playing on my mind.

Now Alex isn’t the first person
to say that I’m immature but it’s
quite strange hearing it from her.
Some of the other remarks that
other people have said are
that ‘I’m wasting my life’ and that
‘I lack dedication’.

I mostly take these with a smile
and a nod. But they do get to
me. Is this really how people
see me? Guess it is.

Because like I said I am mature.
Just in my own special way and
when the moment calls for it.

I come up with the answers, make
the decisions for people and help
them out in the most random
of situations and [although I’m
not sure how true this is] may
have actually saved someones
life [looong story, never gonna

I do have a plan though, a plan
for my life, the future. I am just
not telling anyone. Because I
have realised that dreams can
mess up if you tell too many

One response to “[questioning views on my maturity]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    you don’t have to grow up!
    my uncles like 41 and still acts like a kid.
    yes he’s mature and everything,
    at least he knows how to have fun and act young.
    and obviously you can do the same.
    there isn’t a need to grow up.

    and yes.
    i am a very happy monster.
    [who might be falling in love (forreal) again]

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