[massive silence, turn away] [poem]

As we see our silence,
Growing into nothing,
I use this lack of words,
As my way to tell you something.

So as you must have figured out,
I’ve never been good with words,
I can tell you stories for a hundred years,
And never once being able to grasp their worth

[I was trying to write a third
stanza for this poem but didn’t
wanna rush it and amybe ruin it]

2 responses to “[massive silence, turn away] [poem]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    oh. he’s not my ex. he’s just a very good old best friend.
    and then he left. well you know the details. i miss him tons. i hope i get to see him again.
    and yeah. i guess talking to him made me miss him. which brought on all these odd emotions. ):

    and yes. i have the tendency to change my theme a lot. haha. 😀
    and i’ll buy a scale. i just have to get the money. until then, no diet for me. just watching what i eat.

    oh and by the way.
    i love the poem.
    very cute.

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    well. i would love to meet up with him.
    but before our one minute conversation yesterday, i haven’t heard from him since i last say him, in like feburary. he’s never online, which is why i was in such shock and so happy to see him sign on. ❤

    and. that’s cute.
    i would love it if someone wrote me a poem.
    haha. she must be a wonderful gal.

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