[jesus christ thats a pretty face]

First off,

Happy Birthday Andrew

[otherwise known as
[I’ll probably see you before you
read this anyways]

This week has actually been pretty
decent. Celebrated three birthdays,
played a gig, rested up, went out
for the majority of the nights and
had constant good times.

Oh and realised I suck at bowling.

I find it increasingly hard to
summise these days for some
reason. Probably because I am
fully aware of how I can waffle
on. Lets just say this, for the
most part, life is good.

Can’t really ask for more than

[I’ve actually realised that this
is quite a short blog, hmmm]

One response to “[jesus christ thats a pretty face]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    oh. hahaha.
    i see. i guess if it came from washing a fork or chopsticks,
    chopsticks would take less time.
    but would you eat yogurt with a fork?
    cause i eat it was a spoon..

    and, i suck at bowling too!
    well until i found out, it’s only when i use to finger holes.
    yeah. bowling like a todler.
    muchh easier.

    it’s fine.
    i mean. i’m not mad at allie or gary.
    cause there’s a lot behind the story.
    that i don’t want to just let out there.


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