[number nine, with my head on the bar]

OK, now for the first time in a while
I’m actually worried, lol. It seems that
my band [if you can call it that], have
a gig. Tommorow.

And I found out about it this evening.
I have a 30-45 minute set. And pretty
much no plan. the gig is at about
8:30pm [GMT for anyone abroard reading]
and i’m at work till 5:30pm. Three
hours is all I have.

So tonight I have started writing the lyrics
in a book [which I was meant to do weeks
ago] oh well.

I’m going to see if i can get anyone to photo
the gig and hopefully got a few of the
photographs on here. This is my first gig
in front of the camera [as gig photography
is where I’ve spent most of my tiny photo
career]. And as well as being nervous I do
have to say I am really excited at the same

A link to the myspace:


[friend request would be nice]


witty closing


2 responses to “[number nine, with my head on the bar]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    haha. good luck at the gig.
    i’m sure you guys will do fine.(:

    and yes. i’m hoping my new mindset works.
    and then i will reliaze how happy i am like you said. and all will be well.

    as for talking to him, i don’t think i’ll be putting off on that anymore. i had an intersting conversation with his sister [younger then him. older then me] and apprently she doesn’t want me talking to him. and i think that’s the push i needed to start talking to him. that can’t say anything good about me. (:
    oh well.

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    oh yes. i am a very boy-crazed monster. it makes me sick at times. but what can i say?

    anyway, that sounds fun(:
    i love going to small gigs. it makes it so much easier to see everything.
    congrats on your guys total plays. i’m sure your fantastic.

    i’ll be sure to read it tomorrow.
    it’s only 8:40 here. quite a time difference huh?
    haha. (:

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