[consistent observation]

So, say you’ve been reading this
blog for a while, or maybe you’ve
only just found this. You would
have probably noticed that the
majority of the blogs seems to
be random life lessons. [Trust me
I have no idea why this is].

Thoughts and advice on life and
love and observations about how
we interact as people towards one
another is just what seems to come
naturally when I start writing

It’s actually one of the things
I can say I’m goods at, I watch
people, not in a pervy way. But
I notice slight interactions between
people. It can be fun at times.

I’m gonna try and vary
it up soon. The blogs I mean,
don’t think you can change the
way you see the world if
you notice every little thing.

[hey maybe this whole needing to
write about people is the reason I
can never get a story going for
that damn book I want to write]


3 responses to “[consistent observation]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    haha. i find myself watching people often too [not in the pervy way also.] (:
    and everyone needs life lessons.
    just be lucky you can give them
    cause a lotta people can’t.(:

    and itunes as lame. i mean a dollar for a song? and all songs are the same. blah. i stopped using it when they charged me and never gave me the song. |:

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    oh. what isn’t wrong with me.?
    i’m a reck.
    i’m sure none of my friends really like me.
    i’m to shy to talk to gorgeous guy.
    i can’t help but be terribly mean to people.
    i’m a bad person.

    but. i guess you’re right.
    better to feel miserable then nothing.
    at least i’m still feeling. ):

  3. yourownpersonalmonster

    you’re probably right. they probably do like me and i’m just over thinking stuff.

    and yeah, everyone has their shy moments. but mines all the time. no matter who it is. but i’m have an especially hard time with gorgeous guy.

    as for being mean to people, i bitch about people. and i can treat people badly too. and what makes it worse is i dont know i’m doing it until i’m done. and then i wonder, ‘why do they hate me?’ and of course it’s because i’m a big insulting bitch. ):

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