[relationships at their most basic level]

As I got the B bus home from Bluewater
today, I cracked it. I was actually able
to describe relationships at their most
basic level [or at least attempt to].

Now i would like to say, this actually
wasn’t on my mind until I cracked it.
I was actually thinking of getting home
and enjoying my Cesear Salad [Thank
You Andrew] and as I sat down, it
just popped in there.

[I’d also like to say I am not an expert,
not in the slightest, I’m just a guy with
an opinion, and a place to air said opinion]

[namely here]

So, relationships.

Like I said before I think I figured out
what they are all about and what
drives them.

It’s comfort.

When you think of a relationship that
may happen or a happy one that you
are in. Along with the happiness don’t
you feel a massive sense of comfortability
with regards to that other person?

Oh well, those are my thoughts, which
remember formed when i sat down on
a bus. But think about it, you think
of five or so happy relationships that
you are aware of, the most common
denominator to those five or so
relationships is comfort. And possibly
reliability, but mostly comfort.

To note:
This wasn’t ever going to be a massive
blog, trying to keep the ramblings on
this one to a minimum.

But if you have any views on what I said
on the subject feel free to comment or


5 responses to “[relationships at their most basic level]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    indeed. i agree. comfort and trust. you gotta have trust to make something go somewhere. am i wrong?

    [even if it wasn’t quite a love story. it was still quite adorable.]
    and as for walking away.
    i’ll have to try. let’s hope who ever it is understands.


  2. I agree that relationships are about comfort and trust. Though there are people who might argue that too much comfort is one of the things that ultimately makes a relationship go stale. To me, relationships need to be like food to an extent; they need to be well balanced across a variety of healthy categories. We *can* eat the same foods on a regular basis, but we still need to vary the recipe with different, sauces, toppings and spices. So, again I agree with comfort and trust, but I also agree that we still need a healthy dose of variety from our partners. Oh… and a healthy dose of s e x! ::cheesy grin::

    And hey, thanks much for your comments over at my blog 🙂

  3. yourownpersonalmonster

    i’m not sure why it’s still cute even though it’s not techinally a “love story”.
    maybe it’s because i’m just an odd little being who can turn into the most simple things into some loving.
    or maybe it’s just how i took it.

    and thanks for the luck.
    but it didn’t work.

  4. yourownpersonalmonster

    yeah. i just finished up with blogging about today actually:D
    and it’s not your fault. i guess it’s mine. |:

    and thanks. i do what i can. haha.
    and, i think i’ll go search for it right now. (:

  5. yourownpersonalmonster

    haha. yeah she was suppose to. but only if he was sitting alone. we don’t need his friends giving us dirty looks cause we’re younger. (:

    but yeah i’m gonna give it another try. and hopefully if i do back out, she will force me too.

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