[something is not right with me]

[how was I supposed to know?]

I have realised, [through the
observations of others, not
my own] that I am without a
doubt [at times] considered
odd. Thing I do and opinions
I have, have recently sparked
a sort of filter in my mind as
to whether my thoughts are
considered ‘the norm’ by most
people. And [errrr] they’re not.

Although this spark of realisation
didn’t start at work, it’s as good
a place as any. At work it was
pointed out that when I stand
my arm sits funny [something
that is not only very camp but
had gone unnoticed by me all these
years]. Umm, what else was there,
oh yes one of my hands was
bigger than the other. And yesterday
everybody finally realised that
my eyes are a deep dark brown,
so much so that it has been said
[on more than a few occasions]
that I don’t have any pupils. Ah well.

But thats just the work lot, my
friends that have known me
longer and [ergo] have spent
more time around me have seen
a few more quirks. Which include
freaking out over little things
[they hid my rubber/eraser] and
not being able to leave things,
like for instance as a test my
keys were put on the floor and
I was told not to pick them up.

I didn’t last long.

What I have written above is
a rather brief account of my
personal oddities, but oh well.
Thing is, I am not going to
try to change because although
something is wrong with me,
doesn’t mean I’m broken…yet.



2 responses to “[something is not right with me]

  1. We are all odd mate, its called individuality!! Look at me and the things I do and think. Normal? Far from it!! Its your oddities that make you who you are and make others love you x

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    everyone is odd(:
    it’s what makes people fun.

    oh and by the way not only do i thank you for the comments. (:
    but you’re photos are wonderful.<3

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