[early love] [end of love]

Early love,
So soft and warm
Greatest fear,
Is to be torn
From the illusion
Of which this love was born.

So tender,
the skin lay on my back,
the arm over my shoulder
but sadly I lack.
The amount of love
that you deserve.
And although this is true,
so many things aren’t.

You fell in love
with the guy you met.
Who, although sadly,
recently lacks the heart.


3 responses to “[early love] [end of love]

  1. If one is heartbroken, it’s so effective to write a poem because of that someone. The words come from the heart.

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    aw. thats cute.

    and yeah i guess you’re right. some people need to help, and others want to be helped. can’t help the ones that don’t want it. |:

    and all of your photos.
    unless i am mistaken and they aren’t yours.
    but by the looks of it, they are.

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