[your not doing this alone]

I have realised, through slight
revision of past conversations
with a variety of people [whether
over the internet or conversations
face-to-face] that I have a habit
of trying to be there for people.

I mean I’ve always known this
but I never really knew the extent
until I took a few minutes to
reflect on what it is I do as a person
and how I will probably be remembered
by those around me [blog for the future].

Bad thing is though.
I try.
And at times I can
fail miserably.

This does not discourage me
however from wanting to help
where I feel I can. I find personal
comfort at times in being ‘that
guy’, the ‘shoulder to cry on’
because sitting there and just
listening [I have found] can
work way better than trying to
spew out random advice.

Problem with being ‘that guy’
is that you tend to focus on
keeping everyone else happy.
It’s pretty easy to forget about

Take it from someone who knows.

So if there are any of you
nice guys reading this, this
is my advice:

Take a little time [a few minutes
a day] to reflect on your own life.

Take a risk or two [or three], like
I commented in a previous blog,
they are totally worth it.

Find someone who wants to help
you. Because trust me, you need
help just like everyone else.

That’s all really, but seriously,
take the advice to heart.


One response to “[your not doing this alone]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    aw. i know exactly how you feel. always trying to help other will forgetting about yourself.
    as for the advice, i agree one hundred percent.

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