[when sorry isn’t enough]

There have always been times in
life where just saying “I’m sorry”
doesn’t [and just cannot] cover it.

I know, I’ve been in that situation
many a time, with different people
and different reasons behind it.

The question I pose is this:

How do you get someone
[who already doesn’t believe
your sincere] to believe how
sorry you truly are?

I myself have tried different
methods in this situation,
but, I think I’ve cracked it.

Here’s the tip, just walk
away. If you find that
everything you do remains
unsuccessful. Just leave,
and after a while, strangely
enough, this see
ms to
translate how sorry you are.

Now I’m not saying that this
will work all the time, but it
took me years to figure
out so its the way I’m gonna
do it from now on.

If you feel you have any
opinions [contrary or not]
to what I have said, feel
free to comment. =]


2 responses to “[when sorry isn’t enough]

  1. Ah, I had to think about this a bit, but I’ve come to the conclusion that you might just be right. I’ve also come to the conclusion that it would only be a highly rational person that could do it at a time of heartache!

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    haha. people can be stuburn can’t they. but i’ve been faced with this a lot. more before then now. but i don’t think there is a real answer. but you seem to have a good method. i usually just say sorry and blame it on something that has nothing to do with it. but maybe my friends are more easy persauded then yours. (:

    and no problem.
    your pictures are truly wonderful.

    as for your “gorgeous girl” story,
    that’s adorable. haha.
    i’m a sucker for love stories.

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