[old emails]

I was looking at my emails, not
sure why, except that I rediscovered
a folder that I had long forgotten.

This folder [which was next to
my receipt folder] is labeled
personal. Contained e-mails
that [to be honest] I had actually
forgot about.

It held some emails that I was
sure that I had accidentally deleted.

There was one from my friend
who helped me through alot of
situations and also an obscure
french email which took me ages
to translate [I was never good with
other languages] and looking through
these old emails, I smile, not a brazen
cheek to cheek smile, but it’s there.

Because looking at these long forgotten
messages made me realise why people
keep diaries, why people keep postcards
and old letters in boxes under their beds.

It’s so that one day when you come across
them again, you can take in that moment,
which, had it not been for the e-mail,
diary, postcards or letters, would have
been lost amongst all the things that
go on in our heads given all the things
that happen in daily life.

Think I’m going to send some more
postcards and letters. I’d like to be
the reason behind some of those



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