[i had to]

Now as the people who read this
who know me know [awkward
sentence but if you say it out
loud it makes sense], I have

Now I like it [although these
days I seem to use it less and
less] but one thing has been
bugging me this past week.

I receive emails everytime a
photo with me in it receives
a comment, this isn’t usually
an issue but this concerns a
photo of me with my year 6

Now when I was first tagged in
this image I thought, okay cool,
but then the emails started
flooding in, all my old classmates
where having a reminiscing session
and frankly it was getting on my tits.

Today I got home, and saw I had 19
emails 18 of which were from
facebook, this has been bugging
me because it’s not the first
time that this has happened, so
for the first [OK, if we wanna get
technical the second time] I de-tagged
myself. Done

[i had to]


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