[as strange as it may seem…]

Um, this is a strange one to
write because of the audience
this particular blog may or
may not have.

But it seems that in the last week
I have received apologies from
both of my ex-girlfriends, both
these apologies were on the
random, as in I was sitting there
are bang, there they were.

One was the other day via MSN,
and the latter just occurred via
text message, just now.

And although I know that this
blog was the direct cause for one
of these apologies, and I have the
feeling it may have just caused the
other apology as well. But of this
I’m not sure.

I have the next week off from
work, and I’ve got a feeling that
in this short amount of time, it may
unfold to reveal some more random
acts from people in my life.

Guess we’ll just wait and see


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