[remember the good times]

As people we have the tendency
to look back at the past [be it
recent or far far off the backgrounds
of our mind] and remember moments
in our life. It’s called reminiscing.

But I have found, in my travels,
that the majority pf people, although
with the ability to remember the good
and bad times in their life’s, seem
to focus on the bad instead.

I do find myself wondering why,
instead of lingering on the good
times that have been had, the
pleasant memories stored up
there, the human brain [sometimes]
has the uncontrollable urge to
linger on the bad side of life.

Now I’ll be honest and be the first
to admit that I myself do it too.

This simply will not do.

Like my fellow blogger mrhappy88
has been trying to say with his blog,

Get Out There
Be Happy
Do Stuff

Quite simple when you break it down
to be honest.

[just in case you wanted to visit his
blog i have included the address



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