[green grabber]

I find it weird that people
find it be amazing. Yes, this
word was actually said
[can’t remember who the
person who said it was, neither
do I care] because I now eat
salads instead of crappy foods
for lunch.

I have been asked on more than
one occasion,

“Are you on a diet?”
“Seriously, your on a diet arent you?”
“No, but I am on lunch”

I’m not for the record, but
thing is, it just struck me
about a month ago that eating
crappy foods [this list being
made of essentially fast food]
all the time, was just stupid.

Let me put it another way,
imagine someone came to
you, someone you trusted,
and told you that eating
fast food was bad for you
body, mind and other
faculties of your person.

And as you are consuming
this substance that is slowly
destroying killing you, you
look up and say, yeah but
it’s so so tasty. I have slightly
more respect for myself
than that.

It doesn’t have to be construed
as you being on a diet if your
spotted eating green vegetables.

So I say yes, and have been for
a while, to salads, there actually
quite tasty.

And like I said, its not a diet,
lets just call it a better eating
decision. Salads, yummmm.

Also I’d like to add something,
after I ate fast food, I generally
felt ill, you really don’t get
that with salads.

If I could recommend one,
I’d say get ‘Country Garden
Chicken’ from EAT. or a Chicken
Cesear Salad. Obviously your
not going to do something just
because I tell you to. But just
try it for a little while, oyu’ll
see what I mean.

True story.


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