[tv in the service of inevitable good]

Ever thought that television could
influence the world in the need
for the greater good?

This thought struck on the way home
yesterday. Imagine a world where there
was no television. Now according to
things that I have read concerning the
introduction of television on a small
community. They had more violent
crimes since the introduction than ever
before. I could be wrong, it’s happened
quite a few times before.

But imagine on the other side of this
debate, imagine that during the time
in front of the television as a kid instils 
the idea of right and wrong in the
young viewer. Following the standard
TV convention, Good prevails, whilst
the bad get punished and their misdeeds
brought to light.

Then again, given the world I inhabit,
and the violence that is supposedly all
around, maybe I am terribly wrong. I’m
going to research this and approach it


One response to “[tv in the service of inevitable good]

  1. I Think Your Right!! When I was a child I watched a lot of Kenan and Kel and I can assure you this I have never put a screw in tuna and I always look after my lottery tickets!!

    All joking aside however, you have a good point that makes me think. You don’t play by the rules do you? Neither do I. I say: “Live Fast Die Old”!! Thats how I roll!!

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