[makes me worry]

At this moment in time
I am actually half asleep having
Been woke up by my phone
buzzing into my ear [which now
coincidentally is on the other side
of the room].

With the laptop on, and nearer to me
than my now misplaced phone I checked
the stats to my blog, and saw something
that worried me a little.

It was in the part where it says
how people all over the world managed
to stumble across your blog through
the use of google and your blog
randomly having all the words they
typed in.

Today’s example being;

‘Polaroid of sleeping on a bus’


Not once but twice! Isn’t that
probably one of the most
random thing to search specifically
for and then to find this blog and
think you found the
jackpot by the short description
that google gives you to justify
its result.

And yes I’ve looked and yeah it
seems that this little blog
was there


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