[what to write…]

There are times [which recently
I’m finding is quite a bit of the time]
that I get the urge to write. But the
problem is that I have no idea what
to write about. Do I make up a short
story or write a piece on what I’ve
been up to recently. Maybe I’ll create
a good start for that novel I’ve been
wanting to write for quite a few months
now, but have never been quite sure how
to start. I did think of a good start a while
ago. But I saw practically the same starting
point in another book I had bought the other
day. Which was kind of annoying to tell the
truth. Oh well.

This whole ambition-without-result phase
that I’m currently going through with writing
also happens with drawing, but the
thing about drawing, when push comes
to shove and pen meets the paper I actually
cannot draw to save my life. I’ve never been
able to draw, the closest examples of what
could be called drawing are;

1] A birthday message i wrote on my
little brothers mirror.

2] Whilst I was bored at work I drew
what turned out to be man-sized puffins
getting married. A result of being on hold
for a good twenty minutes. [Which now adorns
my bedroom wall].

And now I have to write down all the lyrics
for [little green book]. A task I assure you
I have been putting off for some time.
Oh well, anyways, after I have done that
I am going to sit down and create a few
more beginning’s for my hopeful novel.


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