[overcoming writers block]

Imagine This…

Its Monday, you have the day off
from work and you feel that you
need to be productive.

So you get the bright idea of
Writng a peice for your
writing livejournal. This you
have had it for a while and
have unwittingly neglected it,
and although you love to write
there are only four entries at present.

You plan out what your going to
write with some ideas you thought
of at work and from the night before.
You believe these ideas will be quite
decent as they describe things that
have happened to you and also you believe
at the same time alot of people will relate to.

So as you log into livejournal
and go to post, it hits you, you
can’t do it, you try to write,
try different appoaches, even try
a few subjects you’d been tackling before
you came up with these other ideas and
had left half finished.

Thats when it hits you, and you
phrase it perfectly in the subtitile
to your MSN name,

‘Shit. I can’t write.’

I never said I was polite, so swearing and
bad language can be expected. But all joking
aside, this did actually
worry me for a few days. Ok, so
todays only Wednesday but still, I was
actually quite worried, because I love to
write even if its not that great I still
like doing it.

I discussed this with Jason on the
way from his house to the pub, he
understood what I was talking about
and said that the planning and over thinkin
of what I was gonna write killed it.
Because I unwittingly took the fun out
of it, this actually made total sense.

Ok, so fast forward to today, as in
five minutes ago, the Tuesday after.
I sat here and just got the sudden
urge to write, so I did
and I’m actually quite happpy with the result,

Because although this isn’t a great piece,
it’s not going to win any awards or
get published, I’m still happy because
I’m writing and from writing this I know I
can still write good work, and that
I may write some amazing pieces of literature
in the future.

The thing about creativity is that you
need to be inspired for it to work. You
need a muse, a feeling, a direction, an event
or a belief in order to create and
for some reason, this time, I was inspired by
lack of free inspiration and you
know what, I’ll be happy with that.

[word count: 427 words]
[this was first placed on the livejournal on
the 27th May 2008]


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