[men aren’t psychic]

This article is designed as a message to
all women, to state one simple fact, that
men are not psychic, never have been,
most likely never will be, you may think
that your subtle hints and signals are
picked up on by your partner
or friend, but believe me they’re not.

Generally you will find that if a man isn’t
told that there is a problem, he isn’t going
to assume there is one, makes sense
doesn’t it? Why pick at something that appears
to be perfect? If something he says or does
annoys you then you’ll need to tell him, preferably
when it starts to bug you, grinding your teeth at him
while he bites his toenails, will just make him think
that you have uncontrollable jaw issues
and should probably consult a doctor, he might go
as far as booking an appointment should the
problem persist.

I have seen it happen quite a few times,
where I’ll be hanging out with a female
friend of mine and she’ll be talking about
her partner. She’ll say something
along the lines of “he doesn’t listen to
me” or “why can’t men understand me”.
It is at this point I have ask what exactly
they say to their boyfriends and I have to
[nicely] point out that what they say to
their boyfriends doesn’t actually make
that much sense to the male brain.

Just because I write this article does not
mean that I am psychic. I cannot even begin
to fully understand or pick up on the signals
that have been sent my way by the fairer
sex. I have been the victim of this misconception
[as I believe most men have] a few times, it
happens mostly in either a text message or e-mail,
where the tone of what the other person is trying to
say is near impossible to know exactly, so men [like
myself] have to guess, and can get it wrong. This
caused much confusion and drama
where it really wasn’t needed.

So ladies you may be wondering, what is
it you have to do so that your partner
understands what it is you’re trying to say
to them? Say it all, begin with what you’re
actually talking about, it helps the man
understand whether he is in trouble and
should be buying you flower or whether
he should be grinning for a job well done.

[word count: 400 words]

[this was originally published on the livejournal
on the 19th Of February 2008]


2 responses to “[men aren’t psychic]

  1. Subtle hints or the fact the hints in general don’t get picked up by men seems true.

    However, I have found that we women cannot hide our subtle likes or dislikes for a man, either. Most of my guy friends tend to be more sensitive (as in observant) than I thoguht to believe.
    Which makes me think that men actually do pick up on hints, but they’re just unconscious of it.


  2. We probably do in all honesty
    But probably don’t see the things that
    are right in front of us


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